Family Driven/
Family Support Services (FD/FSS)


What are Family Driven/
Family Support (FD/FSS) Services?

Family Driven/Family Support Services (FD/FSS) is a program which reimburses service participants for allowable expenses after a service is used or an item is purchased.  The FD/FSS program is funded and regulated by the state of Pennsylvania, which then provides the funding to Lehigh and Northampton Counties to administer the program. The Arc of Lehigh and Northampton Counties (The Arc) administers the FD/FSS program on behalf of Lehigh County, while Northampton County administers their FD/FSS services internally.

Each participant in Lehigh and Northampton County’s FD/FSS program is given an allocation of FD/FSS money. The FD/FSS program repays participants for allowable expenses after a service is used or an item is purchased.

Lehigh and Northampton Counties offer a limited amount of funding to people with intellectual disabilities who do not have Medicaid waivers through the FD/FSS Program. The Arc employs one FD/FSS Coordinator to serve participants in Lehigh County. FD/FSS Program participants in Northampton County are served by their individual Supports Coordinator.

Am I eligible for Family Driven/
Family Support Services (FD/FSS)?

In order to participate in the Family Driven/Family Support (FD/FSS) program for Lehigh or Northampton County, an individual must:

  • Be diagnosed with an intellectual disability
  • Live in either Lehigh County or Northampton County
  • Be registered for intellectual disability-related services with their County of residence
  • Be connected with a Supports Coordination Organization
  • Have an active Individual Service Plan
  • NOT already have funding through a Medicaid Waiver

Residents of Lehigh and Northampton Counties that do not have a Medicaid waiver but do have a community Supports Coordinator may request an FD/FSS allocation.  Requests for FD/FSS funding go through each person’s Supports Coordinator.

Residents of Lehigh and Northampton Counties that do not have a community-based Supports Coordinator must register with their County of residence before becoming eligible for an allocation through the FD/FSS program.

Would you like to know more about Lehigh or Northampton County’s FD/FSS services? For more information:

  • Call: 610-849-8076 ext. 344 OR
  • Email:

How do Family Driven/
Family Support (FD/FSS) services work?

Participants submit invoices for payment, along with a receipt, bill or tracking log.  Once submitted, invoices are processed by Easterseals Eastern PA.  Checks are then sent to the participant as repayment for an expense, or to a provider, either to register a participant or pay for a service. 

 The FD/FSS program is governed by a set of program guidelines which stipulate what services are eligible for reimbursement. Documentation and invoices must be filled out according to the FD/FSS program guidelines and limitations. 

 While there are restrictions to services used and items repaid through the FD/FSS program, most participants in the FD/FSS program use it for services such as family aide, short term (unlicensed) respite and recreation activities such as gym memberships, dance and karate classes, horseback and swimming lessons, etc. Other expenses may be paid for with the approval of the participant’s County. 

The Bi-County Observer

The Bi-County Observer is a newsletter published six times a year to inform persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, and the community about intellectual disability services, activities, and resources in Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

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